Compost Tea Discharge Pump

Compost Tea Discharge Pump
$400.00 each

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The compost tea transfer pump we offer is ideal for your pumping finished compost tea from the GeoTea Compost Tea Brewer. It has a flow rate of 12 gallon per minute, has a stainless steel housing and is very gentle on the microorganisms. It has a switch on the exterior of the pump body. The pump has a 1" inlet and outlet, but includes an adapter on the outlet to convert it to garden hose thread if you prefer. The plumbing couples directly with most IBC tanks and is equipped with quick disconnects. Adaptors are included to fit most applications.GeoTea Discharge Pump

Another big advantage is that, being a centrifugal pump, the operator can have a shut-off valve at the end of the hose. Simply turn off the flow for a short while and move from tank to tank without shutting off the pump. You simply can’t do that with most diaphragm pumps.

The pump will produce up to about 50 psi. With the included flush attachment, it is very easy to keep everything clean.

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