Professional Compost Tea Food Packet (Bacterial)

Compost Tea Brew Kit Food Resource Packet
$7.00 each
Gallon Sizes

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Food resources for compost tea brewing, pre-measured and ready to add to your brewer. Available in most commercial sized compost tea brewers, from 25 to 500 gallons. We offer both bacterial and fungal food resource packets to assure the desired balance of biology in your compost tea.

We have formulated these food resource packets for those customers who cannot, or do not wish to formulate their own recipes. These packets are also ideal for those who have access to high quality compost which has been independently tested.

{tab Ingredients}

  • Solu-Mate 100% Soluble Humic Acid*
  • Fulvic Acid*
  • Atlantic Kelp Meal*
  • Solu-Kelp Soluble Seaweed Powder*
  • Oat Flour
  • Rock Powders*
  • Alfalfa Meal*
  • Brown Rice Powder*

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Understand that every compost  tea brewing machine is different and that there are many nuances which can effect compost tea quality and diversity. We've outlined a number of important factors which can influence your outcomes and impact on soil plants 

  • Aeration: Sufficient aeration is essential. If your brewer cannot produce and maintain at lease 6 PPM (parts per million) dissolved oxygen, you may be selecting for biology that is less than desirable in high concentrations. 

  • Cleanliness of Brewer and Sprayer: If your equipment is not cleaned after each use, the accumulation of anaerobic may negatively affect the desired biology that helps plants in high concentrations. 

  • Extraction System: Your extraction system can have a big influence over diversity, particularly fungi and protozoa. The compost must move freely withing the extraction chamber. Beware of compost tea brewers which lack air inputs within the compost bag.

  • Design of Brewer: All too often, we see compost tea brewers with mechanical water circulation pumps which shred and destroy beneficial biology. Another factor to be aware of is inaccessible plumbing. If you cannot reach all areas of the compost tea brewer, you will no be able to clean properly.

  • Temperature of Water: Colder temperatures (55 to 65 degrees) will require longer brewing cycles. Conversely, warmer water (65 to 75 degrees) will normally result in good results within 24 to 36 hours.

  • Duration of Brewing Cycle: One day (24 hours) fits well into many business cycles, however you may wish to brew for longer periods to realize the full potential of your compost tea. Longer brew cycles can greatly increase protozoa populations, however, damage fungal communities.

  • Food Resources: Too much of anything is not good and this is often the case. Be particularly careful of bacterial foods (such as molasses) which can drastically lower dissolved oxygen. This will cause your brew to become anaerobic, decreasing its effectiveness as a soil amendment.. 

  • Quality of Compost: Remember, you cannot extract what's not there. We suggest buying only compost which has been independently tested by a qualified laboratory. Remember also that human pathogens can be an issue. Only use compost that has been tested.