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Granular Humates Coarse 55 Lb Bag OMRI Listed

Black Earth Granular Humates Mini Granule Certified Organic OMRI listed
$29.97 each


Activ80 GG Soil Amendment and Fertilizer Enhancer. With a minimum 80% humic acid content, Black Earth's OMRI listed rgbOMRI listed granular humates are an excellent addition to you organic program for many reasons. At 83%, Black Earth has the highest humic acid content of any humalite mined in North America. Black Earth comes in both greens grade as well as coarse granules.

About Humates

Rich in carbon, Humic acids are excellent food resources of beneficial soil fungi which are critical for mineralization of nutrients otherwise unavailable to plants. The Humic and Fulvic acids contained in humates act as natural chelating agents binding to nutrients in the soil. Plant roots absorb these humic acid/nutrient compounds and effectively increase the efficiency of plant uptake of nutrients and decreasing nutrient losses through leaching.

In combination with fertilization, it allows you to get the most out of your nutrient management program and may even reduce the amount of fertilizers applied. It will contribute to improving soil quality, texture, water holding and capacity while breaking down clay lattices and reducing sodium build up in soils. By using a dry granular humic acid, you are applying humic materials which benefit the soil for extended periods of time.

  • They improve soil texture and water retention.
  • Humic substances are similar to auxin growth hormone, improving living cell metabolism / growth.
  • They perform similarly to chelating agents and surfactants.
  • Humic substances provide available carbon to microorganism.
  • Humic substances are generally safe to the environment and all living organisms.