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Composting on Campus

St. John's Partners with Compostwerks, Composting and Organic Land Managment

"We are glad to have Compostwerks on our team. They continue to provide expert composting and compost tea consulting and back it up with quality equipment and supplies".

Thomas Goldsmith,  Director of Energy and Environmantal Conservation, St. John's University, Queens New York

We have many years of experience helping leaders in higher education and municipalities set up viable composting facilities and also provide support on compost utilization and marketing strategies.

Save money and resources by eliminating bio-degradable materials from the waste stream including food waste, leaves and wood chips. Compostwerks will show you that the resulting materials can be used as an alternative for pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers.
Composting in an urban environment can be a challenge. Let us show you the correct methods and equipment sou you can accomplish your goals the first time around. 

Last Line of Defense

Composting: "The last line of defense"

Choosing the right composting system and best management practices is key. As responsible citizens, we have to make a choice whether compostable materials go to the landfill or not. We are firm believers in aerated static pile composting for two main reasons. First, this method is the least labor and equipment intensive method. Second, we have not found a method which produces more consistent results in such a short period of time. It's all about transforming liabilities into assets.