GeoTea 275 Gallon Bulk Tank

Compost tea liquid extract bulk tank IBC tote
$275.00 each
Optional 16 Inch Opening

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These 275 gallon bulk liquid tanks are surrounded by a heavy duty galvanized steel cage which supports the GEO250 compost tea brewer. Bulk tanks are very useful for storing and transporting any liquid. Check out our aeration systems which can easily adapted  to these tanks.

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Widely known as IBC tanks, bulk totes and bulk tanks, these units will last many years of heavy use. They are perfect for making compost tea, liquid compost extracts and also storing liquids. We have even rigged these tanks up to collect rain water from roofs.

These tanks make a cost effective tool. Many of our customers make compost tea or liquid extracts right on their job sites which decreases trucking. The GEO250 compost tea brewer is easy to transport and is easy to set up at each job site. We cannot guarantee that the valve at the bottom of these tanks will fit your exact application, however sourcing an an inexpensive adapter locally is a simple process. Bulk tanks must be shipped via motor freight or picked up at our shop with advanced notice.

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Tank Options
These bulk tanks are available in both 6 inch and also 16 inch openings at the top. We like the 16 inch openings because its much easier to clean the tanks after use. Note that the tanks with the 16 inch opening must be shipped via motor freight or from our shop with prior arrangements.
Aeration Systems
Bulk tanks can be fitted with aeration systems which work  well for transporting actively aerated compost tea, liquid compost extracts and other sensitive organisms such as nematodes. These systems are available in kit form and install in approximately 1/2 hour with a few simple tools.  Air pumps come in either 12 volts (running off an automotive battery) or in 120 volts which can run off a power inverter or household current. Please click here for detailed information about aeration systems.


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Compost Tea IBC Bulk Tank Tote

 GeoTea Compost Tea Brewer Liquid Extract Tank


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