Amino Acid Powder 15-0-0

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15-0-0 Amino Acid Powder is a 100% water soluble plant based natural fertilizer perfect for mixing in your sprayer, injector or irrigation system. Nearly all of the nitrogen is water soluble and is readily available to your plants. Our buyers are reporting that they've been able to eliminate an entire granular application per season using this product. This is a very useful tool as an additive to finished compost tea and liquid extracts of compost right before application.

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 Featured Benefits:

  • An economical and organic source of naturally derived water soluble nitrogen
  • Very easy to handle. Soluble in water in just moments
  • No soil leaching, phytotoxicity (plant burn) or risk of salt accumulation
  • Compatible with many other materials
  • Greatly reduced shipping costs as compared to organic bulk fertilizers
  • Nutrient rich in amino acids and peptides
  • Improves uptake of both inorganic and organic forms of nitrogen

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Excellent for turf grass, orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, containerized plants, flower gardens and all types of field crops. A very useful additive to finished compost tea to add organic nitrogen to soils. 

Application rate sheet coming soon.

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This natural form of plant based nitrogen is extracted through a specialized process resulting in the retention of as many amino acids and nutrients as possible, making it ideal for environmentally sound horticultural and agricultural practices. 15-0-0 serves as a non-polluting, non-chemical, non-toxic fertilizer.  Our Amino Acid Powder has a guaranteed minimum of 14.88% plant available nitrogen, suitable for quickly correcting deficiencies without synthetic nitrogen like ammonia, nitrate or urea. This powder attains its high nitrogen content only from the natural protein of the soybean.

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Amino Acids                45% min Nitrogen (N)                > 15%
Phosphorus (P)           0.04% Potassium (K)             0.15%
Sulfur                          2.74% Phosphate                   0.14%
Chloride                       < 1.85% Moisture                      < 5%

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Solu Nitrogen Amino Acid

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Amino Acid 15-0-0 is available in 50 pound bags, full pallets (44 bags) and by the trailer load.

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